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  1. Capsules are manufactured in size 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, & 4 with various caps &    body colors and different locking facilities.


  1. The company has a practice to maintain stocks of capsules with color shades of common industry requirements. Capsules are also manufactured with color shades as per the choice of the customer. in that case, color samples are prepared at our well-equipped preparation room and sent for approval to the customer. the manufacturing process starts only after the customer is satisfied with the color shade developed at Sino-Ethiop associate (Africa) plc.


  1. Self-lock (double lock) capsules: There is a locking on the cap as well as the body. The closed joined length is fixed for these types of capsules. Obviously, different sizes have different fixed joined length. Therefore the capsule filling machines are to be set as per these if capsules are locked below the fjl, denting may occur and if locked length is above fjl, the capsule may not lock altogether.


  1. The various ingredients used for capsule manufacturing comply with appropriate regulatory requirements for use in food and drug products & some of them comprise mainly of the following:-
  • Pharmaceutical grade gelatin.
  • Purified water.
  • Pharmaceutical grade food colorants
  • Titanium dioxide.


  1. Capsules can be printed with product identification information provided by the customer. The printing can be done by linear (straight) printing, circular (spiral) printing & rectified spin printing (circular printing with orientation) methods on state-of-the-art high speed printing machines. The customer has a choice to choose from the different printing colors. Printing inks used for printing are food grade.

Quality control & quality assurance

  1. to have a high standard of sustained excellence in quality, quality control measures are applied at all levels of production, inspection and dispatch. the objective of the quality control system is to ensure consistency, uniformity & conformance to specification through process control and monitoring.

Raw material inspection

  1. All materials and inputs required to produce capsules are tested as per proper applicable standards. Gelatin and Purified water (USP) are tested for their pharmaceutical grade; other raw materials are tested as per respective specified tests in United States, British pharmacopeia & other international pharmacopeias.

In-process control

  1. All parameters like temperature, humidity and viscosity are continuously monitored &controlled to have weight and moisture contents of capsules within specified limits. All the machines are fitted with vibrator sorting attachments, which automatically remove loose and mini cap/body production. the samples are drawn periodically during the production so as monitor length, weight, wall thickness, dome thickness, shoulder thickness and moisture content of the capsules. in the machine room, the capsules are subjected to visual quality checks periodically for critical, major and minor defects (details about these defect are included later in the manual). On noticing any defects at any level of quality checks especially at the machine room, corrective action is taken immediately.


  1. Capsules are visually inspected on translucent glass on sorting machines. This stage removes physical defects such as variation in color, shade, bubbles, pinholes, bad cuts, loose caps and bodies, oversize in length, telescopic dents and any other faults. the good capsules from sorting department may be sent for printing depending on customer's requirement. The printed capsules are again sent for sorting to remove printing defects.

Final Testing

  1. The good capsules-printed or unprinted from sorting department are collected in drums and sent for checking for final quality control by supervisors. statistical quality control tools are used during inspection and final testing. a sample is taken out to be tasted at laboratory for compliance with ip and customer specifications; each box is finally checked for visual defects before packing, so that customers get best quality capsules.

Quality audits

  1. Based on various quality control records, a continues study is made to prevent repetition of defects so that the improvement in the quality is a continuous process in our plant. We assure that only quality capsules are supplied having extremely high conformance to specifications and therefore having an internal high level of quality.

Research & Development

  1. To ensure nearly zero defect quality with regular up gradation, we have in-house R &D department which is continuously involved in research and studies of new technologies gearing up to meet the demands of our vast client base. 

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