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Production Process

Sino-Ethiop Associate Africa plc is basically an empty hard gelatin capsules (EHGCs) production plant producing EHGCs for use by the different pharmaceutical formulation   factoriesin Ethiopia and African&few Middle East countries.

EHGCs even thoughfulfill basic pharmacopoeial quality specification, has also to comply withclients specification in respect to different dimensions of cap and body aswell as color and printing requirements. Thus the plants production systemshould enable the production of quality EHGCs meeting both the pharmacopeia aswell as clients specification. The company uses the following utility andproduction systems.


·       Chiller system for supply of chilled waterfor cooling of process systems, environment and adjustment of humidity inproduction areas

·       Boiler unit for furnishing hot running wateras well as temperature control of the production areas

·       Heating ventilation and Air Conditioningsystem (HVAC system)

·       Water treatment unit to produce Purifiedwater of standard specification.

·       Gel preparation unit for the preparation of agel of specific parameters.

·       Color formulation unit to prepare theappropriate capsule color that fulfills clients demand.

·       Capsule production unit where the propercapsule size is made through proper dipping pin bars for the cap and body,drying units, cutting units and assembly of final capsule is made.

·       Visual inspection ( sorting) unit

·       Automatic capsule filling machinechecking(Inspection) unit

·       Capsule printing unit

·       Printing sorting & Final inspection unit

·       Capsule packing and labeling unit

·       Quality control laboratory unit


Thus the plant is a complete Empty Hard Gelatincapsule production unit comprising of the complete utility, production andquality assurance unit.

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